January 16, 2007.
Nick Primiano faces FACE

January 13, 2007.
FACE School’s former principal to address students at church

November 2, 2006.
F.A.C.E. School: Photos from the CSDM Meeting

November 2, 2006.
F.A.C.E. School: Primiano Resigns b/c of “serious errors”

November 1, 2006.
End of an Era at F.A.C.E.

October 31, 2006.
F.A.C.E. School: Interview with S.O.S. FACE

October 27, 2006.
Montreal: CSDM Response About F.A.C.E.

October 27, 2006.
Montreal: F.A.C.E. School Students Rally for Principal

October 26, 2006.
Montreal: F.A.C.E. School Community Speaks Up

On September 25 2006, Nick Primiano, the principal of F.A.C.E. school was suspended with pay under questionable allegations, which were never made entirely public.

On November 1 2006, Primiano resigned as principal in a confidential agreement with the CSDM. The principal admitted to “serious errors” with the school’s daycare budget. No personal theft was committed — the charge, it seems, had to do with the reallocation of funds. Yet the agreement with the CSDM makes it such that the truth will never come out.

Would the CSDM have concluded such an agreement if they had a clean case against Primiano? Would the CSDM really need to veil the affair in secrecy, if Primiano was to blame?

The above is a recounting of events as they happened and will be updated as is appropriate.


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