Montreal, QC — British artist Victor Burgin is in town to launch Voyage to Italy, an exhibition which was commissioned by the Canadian Centre for Architecture. For the exhibition, Burgin took an 1860 photograph of the Basilica at Pompeii by Charles Fratacci as his point of departure. Burgin went back to the Basilica and took his own photographs recreating the ruins at Pompeii and the remains of the Basilica. He also put those photographs together into a video and added a narrative. Below is an interview I conducted with Victor Burgin on the eve of the exhibition’s opening:


Tonight at 6PM the CCA is hosting a free event, which will have Victor Burgin and Hubertus von Amelunxen speak about the formal and conceptual framework and the implications of Voyage to Italy.

The exhibition starts today and runs through March 25, 2007.