Montreal, Quebec — FACE School’s former principal Nick Primiano will be addressing FACE students and parents this Monday, followed by a Q&A session. The event will take place at the corner of Ste-Catherine and University streets at Christ Church Cathedral at 6PM.

Despite students’ and teachers’ requests, the Commission Scolaire de Montréal (CSDM), which administers the school, has refused to allow the popular principal to address his former students at the school.

This fall, Primiano was suspended by the CSDM under dubious and secretive circumstances, and later resigned.

A group of FACE parents and alumni, dubbed SOS F.A.C.E., is organizing the event. Created after Primiano’s suspension, SOS F.A.C.E. has been active in monitoring CSDM practices vis-à-vis FACE, as members believe that the suspension — and Primiano’s subsequent resignation — may be part of the CSDM’s larger agenda for reforms at the bilingual arts-driven school.

In its thirty year history, FACE has had only two principals, founder Philip Baugniet and Nick Primiano. After Primiano’s resignation, former vice-principal Christine Besson was appointed as the school’s principal.

For more, see F.A.C.E. School: Principal Suspended or visit SOS F.A.C.E..


November 11, 2006. Montreal. Protest for Palestine.

Montreal– About 300 protesters gathered in front of Concordia today and marched to Dorchester Square. The demonstration was meant to inform Montrealers of the recent violence in Gaza and to denounce Israeli action in the Palestinian area.

While the UN Security Council was meeting to discuss an official criticism of Israel — a meeting that ended with a US veto — the protesters marched in the cold and rain in the downtown Montreal, chanting “no justice, no peace” and “solidarité avec la Palestine” (“solidarity with Palestine”).

The protesters are upset at the lack of sufficient media coverage of the violence as well as Canada’s failure to criticize Israel. The civilian casualties at Beit Hanoun were constantly mentioned by protest organizers. Israeli PM Olmert was called an assassin by the chanting protesters.

Teachers, students, parents waiting for an announcement from the CSDM
Waiting for an announcement

Moments before the announcement
Moments before the announcement

Parents and students leave the auditorium
Parents and students leaving the auditorium.

Leaving the auditorium
Leaving the auditorium

Phillip Baugniet gathers students outside, moments after leaving the auditorium of Georges-Vanier High School
Phillip Baugniet gathers students outside — moments after the resignation is announced.

Photos by Alexandre Marine.

At last night’s special public meeting of the CSDM, F.A.C.E. School principal Nick Primiano, resigned his duties in a last-minute deal reached with the CSDM. Primiano admitted to “serious errors” with the budget of the school’s daycare.

Click on the play button below to listen to my report which aired today on CKUT’s Off The Hour:


Map of Oaxaca. (c) 2004 Tony Burton.

The protests in Oaxaca have been going on since May of this year. This weekend, the city has been plagued by state violence, with several people being killed, including a journalist with IndyMedia. The violence continues this week with federal police threatening protesters.

As a response to this weekend’s bloodshed, a demonstration was organized in front of the Mexican Consulate in Montreal yesterday.

Here’s a short report I prepared for today’s edition of The Morning After on CKUT Radio:


CSDM Meeting Wednesday October 25

This weekend, I conducted an interview with two parents on the S.O.S. FACE Committee, as well as an eleventh-grader at the school. It was for a report on the suspension of F.A.C.E. School Principal Nick Primiano, which aired today on CKUT‘s show OFF THE HOUR.

For those that were not able to tune in to CKUT today (90.3 fm in Montreal), I’ve made the report available on Odeo. It is also available for download on CKUT’s website in the archives section, as is the case with all of their programming.

To listen, press play on the player below:


The CSDM has published the address of its president from Wednesday’s meeting and it can be found here (PDF).

Sylvain Arsenault, a spokesman for CSDM has made clear that the speculation that F.A.C.E. School as an institution is under threat is not the reality. According to the Arsenault the issue at hand has to do with one man — Nick Primiano — and the school, a pride of the CSDM, is not under any threat.

No statements will be made in regards to Mr Primiano until next Wednesday’s meeting, when the CSDM will be ready to make more information available.