The following are reports and interviews prepared for CKUT’s News Collective.

CKUT is Montreal’s foremost independent radio station broadcasting across the city and its suburbs on 90.3fm and the web at

December 28, 2006
Living in Moscow

December 17, 2006
Eve’s Quest: trivia game

December 15, 2006
The Swell Season: Interview with Glen Hansard

December 7, 2006
“Voyage to Italy / Victor Burgin

December 1, 2006
“I’ll let Bono wax political” – Jeff Martin

November 29, 2006
Secure Freedom

November 24, 2006
Harper Announces Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, Speaks of Quebec “Nation”

November 23, 2006
Christian Peacemaker Teams: One Year Later

November 23, 2006
Gemayel Assassination: View from Lebanon

November 13, 2006
Montreal Protests Beit Hanoun

November 2, 2006
Primiano Resigns b/c of “serious errors”

November 1, 2006
Protest at Mexican Consulate in Response to Weekend Violence

October 31, 2006
F.A.C.E. School: Interview with S.O.S. FACE


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