Nick Primiano faces FACE

January 16, 2007

Montreal, Quebec — Former FACE school principal Nick Primiano met with FACE students, teachers, and parents at Christ Church Cathedral on Monday night. The event, organized by SOS FACE, was the first opportunity for members of the school’s community to speak to Primiano since his suspension in September and his subsequent resignation in November.

Having signed a confidentiality agreement with the Commission Scolaire de Montréal (CSDM), Primiano gave the best explanation he could, by providing anecdotes from his encounters with school board officials over the years. The most notable example was a phone call that the then-principal received from a CSDM functionary concerning media reports of parents camping outside the school to register their children there. Primiano expected a word of congratulations, but instead was chastised for creating a “spectacle” that left “people with questions.”

Alluding to the allegations brought against him by the CSDM, the former principal did not deny bending rules when it came to administering the school.

“Want to find me guilty of putting the students first? No problem…Sure, I didn’t respect some rules,” said Primiano. “Nobody can say that I didn’t serve the students.”

Addressing his November 1 resignation, Primiano provided three reasons for the decision: age, family and the school’s best interest. At age 54, and near the end of his career, Primiano didn’t feel he had the health to fight a court battle which would take several years to complete; it would also put FACE in limbo, if his situation continued to be unresolved. He also felt that his presence at the school was doing more harm than good, with the CSDM often targeting him for what he was doing with “his” school, as officials often put it.

Sylvie Tremblay, who had served on the school’s governing board for several years, supported Primiano’s claims, saying that the school faced daily battles with the school boards.

When asked by reporters about the CSDM’s suspension and the charges of wrongdoing which he accepted as part of his agreement with the CSDM, Primiano dismissed them as ridiculous. According to Primiano, an inventory that is not up-to-date is not uncommon for a school the size of FACE. As far as the budget of the school’s daycare program is concerned, the school’s daycare usually runs a surplus; last year it was around $43 000 CDN.

“Principals use those surpluses differently. Some during a year, some at the end of the year…Apparently there’s a rule that you can’t touch it until the end of the year,” said Primiano.

When the evening concluded, the former principal thanked all present and reminded students that the school belonged to them, the teachers, and the parents who volunteer a reported 3000 hours during the school year. He was also optimistic about the new administration and the potential for FACE to reach new heights.


4 Responses to “Nick Primiano faces FACE”

  1. Mike Says:

    Wake up people! Mr. Primiano wasn’t forced to resign because of a simple inconsistent inventory!

    He used the daycare surplus for HIS OWN USE, he bought things that were never seen in the school. And I’m not talking about pencils and scotch tape here…

    The guy is trying to pose as a victim by minimizing the facts, but those facts remains: He used the students money for his personal benefit. Is it what he ment by “Putting the students first” or “Serving the students” ?

    Please, stop painting him as a Saint.

  2. george Says:

    Re what mike says

    I hope that mike has proof of these allegations. Mike is publicly accusing Mr. Priniano of being a thief and a liar. To have proof of such allegations mike would have to of seen the invoices for the items in question.
    He would of had to have seen Mr. Primiano in possession of said items. There are close to 1600 people a day that go through that school. The same accusations of theft could be made against anyone of those people. Where are your facts Mike. Fact 1. reality; actuality 2. something known to exist or to have happened. 3 Something known to be true.

  3. Arwen Says:

    I graduated from FACE 11 years ago. I spoke to Mr. Primiano on various occasions and there is just no way that he’s as two-faced as what he seems to be….He cares about the student’s futures. I was never a great student but he and his staff kept on encouraging me no matter what. A daycare with a surplus? That’s almost crazy but if true, the money was surely put to good use (and not simply in his pocket). I think these allegations are preposterous, perhaps the CSDM needed some kind of controversy seeing as the whole education system is corrupt anyway. I hope karma comes back to slap whoever is wrong right in the FACE.

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