Iraq strategy announcement approaches

January 9, 2007

As Wednesday approaches, there is more and more speculation on President Bush’s new Iraq strategy and what the Democrats can effectively do if they disagree with the Commander-in-Chief.

Senator Kennedy has been the most pro-active, saying he will introduce legislation today which will limit the President’s ability to get funding for more troops without Congressional approval. The Democrat from Massachusetts said that Iraq was in a state of civil war and that Senate would insist on accountability.

Not everyone in the Democratic party is favoring steps to stop the potentiality of a surge of troops. Notably, House majority leader Steny H. Hoyer has not backed the idea of financially blocking a troop surge.

Considering all this, the next few days will be a serious test of both President Bush’s leadership and the Democrats’ new majority in Congress.

Can Bush convince the opposition that an increase of troops can actually yield results? There already is a view that the whole Iraq campaign has been one gradual surge, with matters getting worse instead of better. When increased security is attempted, it oftentimes leads to an increase in violence. On November 23, during a week when the US sought to increase security in Baghdad, the city saw the biggest level of carnage in a day.

The Democrats have won Congressional dominance, but can they hold up as a party? The Bush Administration will be making compelling arguments for its strategy and some may feel they may be perceived as unpatriotic if they don’t go along.

The opportunities are there for both parties. The Bush Administration can show maturity and work together with the Democrats in finding a solution. The Democrats can offer a viable alternative that party members will stand by.


4 Responses to “Iraq strategy announcement approaches”

  1. Quran Bible Says:

    The problem is that Bush increase of troops will not work because Iraq’s situation is out of control and additional 20,000 or 30,000 troops will not provide the strength US needs to take control of all Iraq.

    Lets assume they will be deployed in Baghdad which might bring some stability in Baghdad but the Iraqi Resistance can just shift their power into some other region and than that area will become Baghdad, possibility is that Iraqi Resistance might try in Southern Iraq or Kurds north. These additional troops can’t provide cover for whole Iraq and the other problem Bush regime will face is the insreased number of their troops which will be the result of direct confrontation with Sunni and Shia militas.

    What is happening now in Iraq to me is no surprise and I pridicted this when the whole US was celebrating victory after the fall of Baghdad and after Saddam Hussein capture that the situation in Iraq will get wrost instead of improving.

  2. Hey Quaran Bible,

    I pretty much agree. I’m also not sure what the motivation of a troops increase will be. I think it’s pretty clear that an increase will not change much, so why they want them there is questionable to me.

    I might be going on a bit of a stretch, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s plans for Iran. After all, the rumours about Israel’s supposed plan to bomb Iran did not come out of nowhere. Something is up.


  3. Quran Bible Says:

    Dmitri you are not alone. One of the readers posted following comments providing link to Dennis Kucinich letters to President.

    Merlo – January 9, 2007[Edit]

    I certainly hope that the US won’t attack Iran. With nuclear weapons, as it seems. Kucinich discovered that the US is already fomenting unrest in Iran, but, alas, his call fell on deaf ears:

    If the US is going to attck Iran along with Israel, may God help us all.

    4. Quran Bible – January 9, 2007[Edit]

    Dennis Kucinich is the most repested Rep. from Ohio who was among the minority of Senators and Congressmen who voted against invading Iraq. Metro this is the Evanglicans agenda to escalate the war in Middle East to bring back Jesus. This is the height of religious extremism which had made the world killing field where poor innocent civilians are dying. Iran war if started will not be restricted within Iran. Iran have the option to fire rockets into Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Behrain, Kuwait hitting US military bases in these countries and ofcourse Israel.

  4. lightcontrast Says:

    Joe Biden doesn’t approve the move to block funding for a troop surge. He plans to run for the presidency in 2008. I don’t think he has a chance. And I agree with the guy in charge on that Democrats won the last election because people wanted conditions to improve – it was a “mandate” to change tactics, not to go in the same direction, but call it a change in strategy, which is basically what the Bush administration is doing.

    I also think that the US wants to attack Iran and that Israel does have plans to attack Iran and wipe out the uranium enrichment facilities.

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