Doug Stych on Iraq, Iran

December 28, 2006

On today’s Off the hour, I got the chance to speak with Doug Stych of Doug’s Darkworld about his thoughts on the war in Iraq and the idea that the US may be planning war with Iran. Listen below:



One Response to “Doug Stych on Iraq, Iran”

  1. […] I am pleased to say that I have achieved immortality. OK, not quite there yet, but the sound of my voice has left the solar system already and is heading out into the universe. Forever. I think that’s cool, though it is sort of a guy thing I expect. I was interviewed briefly on KCUT radio yesterday, the audio of the interview can be heard here. All thanks to Dimitri Marine of Blogue North. Basically we discussed whether or not what is going on in Iraq is a civil war, and the possibility of the USA attacking Iran. The later I have discussed at length in here already, the former I will be posting more on shortly. Technically what is going on in Iraq is not a civil war, it’s worse than that. […]

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