AUDIO: Montreal groups on Lebanon

December 18, 2006

A press conference on Lebanon’s political crisis was held last Wednesday by three Montreal groups.

To listen to what they had to say, press play below:



3 Responses to “AUDIO: Montreal groups on Lebanon”

  1. lic-canada Says:

    Shame, shame, shame.
    To those coalition who met in Montreal, and elsewhere, I tell you shame on you.

    Shame on you, because you are not able to apply the democracy and Human rights we have learned in Canada, whereas you do not possess any tolerance and not able to accept each others.
    Shame on you, because you don’t value our history, and did not learn from the trend of 30 years of others’ war on our land. You are unable to free yourself from the egoism and selfishness that you possess, that drive you to blindly support the ones who are trying to destroy our beloved Lebanon.
    Shame on you because you are unable to open your narrow minds to understand that the Canadian government and the rest of the free world are trying to free our Lebanon from the hands of the Syrian and Iranian regimes, terrorist organizations and the axis of evil.

    You are talking about the orange revolution in Georgia; I remind you that the orange revolution was born to bring democracy to Georgia, versus your coup alike actions which are trying to kill what is left of democracy in Lebanon.
    Some of you dares to talks about numbers in downtown Beirut, I agree with you that Hezbollah makes up only the third of the uprising, but I disagree with you that the CPL who makes up the mass number of these demonstrators. Instead, I tell you they are Syrian civilians, whom we saw their buses crossing the borders in thousands, not to mention the existing Syrian intelligence personnel who remain in thousands in Lebanon, those ones who really are protesting in central Beirut.

    We take this occasion to thank our Canadian government in general, and Mr. Harper in particular for the role he has taken to defend democracy in Lebanon, and the fight against terrorism and oppression throughout the world. We note that we strongly believe that under Mr. Harper’s leadership we are no longer going to see the absentia or the silence of Canada against the abuse of Human rights, instead we encourage Canadian to take on the broker role in the Middle East in general and in Lebanon in particular.

    On behalf of the Lebanese Information Centre – Canada, we wish Mr. Harper, his government and our Canadian people a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

    The Lebanese Information Center (LIC) is an independent, non-profit Research Institute committed to providing historical resources as well as updated and accurate information for individuals and institutions seeking to learn about Lebanon and its people.

  2. Hi LIC-Canada,

    Thank you for commenting and bringing your perspective here. It’s always good to see the other side of the coin. I’ll keep an eye on your website.

    I don’t really want to comment much on your post. However, what struk me in your response was your approval of the democratic revolution in Georgia. Like any recent revolutions (including Ukraine’s), the revolution was staged and prepared long ahead of time. Those that were not in favour of Sakaashvili were moved aside.

    On the eve of the elections in Georgia, an in-law of mine (Gia Vashakidze, a Georgian national and former deputy minister of defence) was arrested and has since been incarcerated without charges brought against him. There is no release date set for him and he does not know what he’s charged for, except that he favoured a different candidate in the elections.

    Even the Int’l Red Cross was not able to help, such is the democracy in Georgia.

    By the way, Georgia had the Rose Revolution. Ukraine’s was Orange.

  3. Dear Lebanese Information Center

    Accusations you have directed toward the organizers of the recent press conference in Montreal are major! You write that we don’t “possess any tolerance and not able to accept each others”… What do you back this up with? And what exactly are you referring to because it’s unclear.

    On your assertions concerning democracy in Geroria & the Ukraine it seems important to dig below the headlines for the realities that Dmitri mentioned. Your assertions sounds similar to those of the Bush Administration.

    The ongoing demonstrations in Beirut, Lebanon are a demand for democratic representation within the Lebanese government.

    Prime Minister Fouad Siniora’s government is not supported by the majority of people in Lebanon today, this is clear to anyone who witnessed the size of the recent demonstrations. Radio France International reported that over 1 million people demonstrated in central Beirut in early December… The question is why are so many Lebanese on the streets?

    One answer to the question is to address the performance of the current Lebanese government during the 2006 Israeli attack. During the assault which took the lives of over 1300 Lebanese civilians & destroyed large parts of the national infrastructure of Lebanon, the Lebanese military didn’t lift a finger in defense of the nation, while more importantly didn’t provide adequate aid to the hundreds of thousands of internally displaced Lebanese refugees….

    Huge portions of Lebanese society are enraged at the national governments lack of response to the war this summer, as many thousands remain homeless and are grieving the deaths of loved ones…

    Importantly the government of Siniora embraced the same Western leaders who supported the Israeli assault, hosting a meeting with British PM in Beirut just weeks after the U.N. brokered ceasefire.

    The Lebanese Information Center wrote…

    “We take this occasion to thank our Canadian government in general, and Mr. Harper in particular for the role he has taken to defend democracy in Lebanon, and the fight against terrorism and oppression throughout the world.”

    Let us clearly remember that the current Conservative government of Canada overtly supported the 2006 assault on Lebanon, calling it a measured response. In late July when 11 members of the Al-Akhras family from north Montreal lost their lives, Harper continued to call Israel’s response ‘measured’. Harper supported Israeli’s attack. How can you now thank him & the current Canadian governments policies… At the very least your position is disturbing!

    Do you like the Conservative government of Harper support Israel’s war-crimes committed throughout Lebanon this summer?

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