More Indication of US Withdrawal

December 2, 2006

While US President Bush continues to insist that the US has no plans of withdrawing from Iraq prematurely or on a deadline, Iraqi PM Mailiki today has set a timeline. According to the Prime Minister, Iraq will be able to fully take responsibility for its security by June and relieve international troops of that function.

This is certainly the scenario favored by the British who have publically indicated that they would seek an exit from Iraq within a little over a year. It is also a scenario likely to go with forthcoming recommendations by the Iraq Study Group, which will likely recommend gradual troops withdrawals.

President Bush knows all of this, and he knows that the US will likely have to leave Iraq within a year. He also knows that the US will likely not be leaving the flower of democracy it hoped to instate, but a divided country. And it is for these reasons that Bush is rejecting the idea of an exit; the idea is to make it look like the Iraqis asked the US to leave, but the US wanted to stay.


One Response to “More Indication of US Withdrawal”

  1. lightcontrast Says:

    Does Maliki know what he’s doing? He is first friendly with Bush and then he’s all friendly with Sadr, and now he’s going to go along with Bush and “disarm” the militias in Iraq and set a timeline? He must make up his mind on what is most important. If he doesn’t, there’s gonna be a terrible storm, his life could be in danger if it isn’t already.

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