ElBaradei Wants Incentives for North Korea

December 1, 2006

IAEA head Mohamed ElBaradei believes that North Korea needs incentives to stop its nuclear program. Today, ElBaradei called for the use of carrots and sticks in dealing with the nuclear regime.

According to ElBaradei, “Sanctions alone [do not], in my view, resolve security issues. We need them to look into a package of incentives for North Korea to come back into negotiations.”

The comments from the IAEA chief come after there was no progress at pre-negotiation talks between North Korea, China and the US.


One Response to “ElBaradei Wants Incentives for North Korea”

  1. […] Kyodo News reports that the US and others have urged North Korea to abandon is nuclear program by 2008 in return for economic aid as well as security guarantees. All the while, the US and its allies are warning of additional sanctions if North Korea refuses to cooperate with the plan. This reasoning is much more in line with what IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei called for two days ago and is a step in the right direction after a lack of progress in pre-negotiation talks this week. ElBaradei, the chief nuclear expert at the UN said that North Korea needed incentives to abandon its nuclear program, not just sanctions. […]

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