Rockets from Palestine

November 26, 2006

It looks like the ceasefire goes against the interests of someone in Gaza, as five Qassam rockets were fired after the ceasefire in Israel went into effect.

The rockets fired, after the commencement of Israeli troops withdrawal from Gaza, is an open provocation. The firings were not mistakes, as they happened over intervals a few hours — the first one was fired shortly after 6AM, and another one came around 8AM.

According to Palestinian Authority spokesperson Ghazi Hamed, all militant groups in Gaza had agreed to the ceasefire. The spokesperson conceded that the rocket launches were a “blatant violation” of the ceasefire.

If Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas are not able to quickly reign in the violators, Israeli troops will be back in Gaza. Defense Minister Peretz has already warned of severe consequences. In fact, Palestinian officials must now deal with the problem publicly, even if it means arresting someone.

It has always been the concern of the international community and Israel that someone like Abbas would not be able to control all groups when such a ceasefire was needed, which is why Hamas’ election and cooperation was seen as a welcome sign by some, because of the influence the group yields.


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