Iran Cooperates

November 23, 2006

After Iran’s Ambassador to Russia spoke favorably about enriching uranium in Russia yesterday, Iran announced today that it would open up its records on uranium enrichment to IAEA inspectors.

This is yet another diplomatic step on the part of Iran to avert UN Security Council sanctions against it. Iran is slowly gearing up to play a bigger regional role; this weekend Iran’s President Ahmadinejad will be meeting with his Iraqi counterpart President Talabani to discuss three-way cooperation between Iran, Syria and Iraq in bringing stability back to war-torn Iraq.

Iran has maintained that its nuclear program is focused on nuclear energy, not arms. The IAEA’s view on the matter has largely confirmed Iran’s position, except for a plutonium discovery ten days ago. Today’s gesture is meant to clear up any doubts about Iran’s program.

This would be the perfect opportunity for the US and UK to start cooperating with Iran. After all, today’s announcement is a clear signal to the US, Iran’s biggest doubter. It is also a move meant to strengthen Russia’s position in the UN Security Council, as Russia has maintained an anti-sanction position and has curtailed US efforts to sanction the Iranian government.


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