Iranian Incentive for Russian Support

November 22, 2006

Speaking about Russia’s proposal to enrich uranium for Iran on Russian soil, Iranian Ambassador to Russia Gholamreza Ansari said that Russia would receive priority on the commissioning of the next two new energy blocks to be built in Iran.

The ambassador also spoke favorably about the Russian proposition, but said more details needed to be discussed in terms of financing the project.

Iran is, without a doubt, making the necessary adjustments in its discourse to show the West that it is ready to cooperate, and to help Russia maintain its anti-sanction position in the UN Security Council vis-à-vis Iran. It is also signaling that Russia has economic rewards to reap from its alliance with Iran.

Thusfar, Russia has been involved in Iran’s nuclear program by constructing the nuclear reactor at Bushehr. Ambassador Ansari’s comments today indicate that more high-profile contracts are likely for Russian businesses.


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