British Forces Out of Basra by Spring?

November 22, 2006

There is more confirmation today in the British plan to gradually hand over security obligations to Iraqi forces. Foreign Secretary Beckett has said that recent progress in Basra has made it likely for British troops to hand the province over to their Iraqi counterparts.

This is consistent with the discourse coming out from Britain in recent weeks which has suggested British withdrawal within 12-14 months. As opposition to the war has grown domestically, the British have said that Iraq must take more responsibility in ensuring its own security.

The White House has been toying with the same idea and, with a British withdrawal, will be left no choice but to follow suit.

This is precisely the reason that British Prime Minister Tony Blair has favored the idea of Iranian and Syrian cooperation in the region, particularly in ensuring stability in Iraq.

Iraqi foreign policy is simply becoming unsustainable in terms of keeping domestic support levels up both in the US and the UK. But the UK has taken the lead in altering its policy, while the US leadership has been non-committal.


3 Responses to “British Forces Out of Basra by Spring?”

  1. […] It’s noteworthy that Basra is one of the areas the British hoped to leave for Iraqi forces to secure, as a first test of how prepared Iraqi forces are to handle security on their own. Foreign Secretary Beckett has said that British forces could be out of Basra province by spring. […]

  2. Jerry Says:

    Lucky to find you, keep on the good workk guys! Best of luck.D

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