UN Probes Beit Hanoun

November 18, 2006

While it is far from criticizing Israel, the UN has expressed regret over the Beit Hanoun bombing from a week and a half ago. The resolution also included a condemnation of the Qassam rockets being fired into Israel by Palestinian militants.

The UN voted with an overwhelming majority (156 to 7, with 6 abstainers) in favor of the motion which will now lead to a probe of the incidents. The US will have a veto. Notable is US ambassador Bolton’s vote against the motion, who accused the UN of being anti-Israeli.

The resolution will not change anything: there will be no sanctions imposed on Israel and the negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel will not be sped up. However, the resolution goes to show world political tendencies and the increasing isolationism of US foreign policy.

The resolution put forth today did not criticize Israel, nor was it lenient to the Palestinian side. In fact, the Qassam rocket strategy was condemned while “regret” was offered for the civilian deaths caused by Israeli mistakes in Gaza. One such mistake killed 19 people in one shot, 13 from the same family.

Not expressing regret over these civilian deaths is proof of a very well defined bias.

Cf: Montreal Protests Beit Hanoun.


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