US Wants Gesture from North Korea

November 16, 2006

While attending the APEC Summit in Vietnam, the US is working on initiating the resumption of 6-way negotiations with North Korea. IHT reports that the US is working closely with China on pressuring the Koreans to take a visible gesture in undoing its nuclear program.

This goes on to confirm that North Korea’s nuclear test was a large political victory an the US with other states involved don’t want to go into the talks with the clear disadvantage that they have now. North Korea’s nuclear reactors and plutonium reprocessing facilities are a huge bargaining chip for the Koreans and the US is weary resuming negotiations with the North at such a large advantage.

President Bush has, in the meantime, has warned North Korea against exporting its nuclear technology. Any such act would be seen as a “grave threat” against the US, the president said. The warning is meant to bring North Korea back to the headlines, in a time when Iraq tops the news with a largely unsuccessful US policy.


One Response to “US Wants Gesture from North Korea”

  1. unitedcats Says:

    Bush’s sophmoric “diplomacy” has by now paralyzed or actually damaged US diplomatic strength practically everywhere, this is just another example. Our enemies could hardly believe how dumb Bush was for the first few years of his rule; now that the writing is on the wall, they are going to make hay while the sun shines. The decline of US power and influence is not necessarily a bad thing, but anything that reduces global stability is certainly a concern. JMO —Doug

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