Out of Iraq?

November 10, 2006

The newly empowered US Democrats have offered to work with President George W. Bush to work out an exit. With diminishing support of the Iraq War in the US, and the Democratic Party’s criticism of it, a new approach to Iraq seems increasingly likely.

With the biggest proponent of the war — Donald Rumsfeld — on his way out of the US political arena, the Democrats may be able to impose their position. This is helped by the fact that many Republicans have already criticized the war; even President Bush has already hinted at a new US strategy.


3 Responses to “Out of Iraq?”

  1. Agent KGB Says:

    It’s incredible how so much of these decisions have been almost purely political, Bush only hints at a new strategy when the Democrats win the election, the Democrats can’t change that much too fast or the Republicans will call them weak on terror… at least now more of the changes will be positive though I guess.

  2. Actually Bush was hinting at the new strategy pre-election. But then changed his mind when the polls were bad. But yes, it is completely political.

    The other thing is that the Democrats have to make a semblance of bringing forth some sort of changes, because that’s part of their mandate. Otherwise the electorate will call them on not delivering on their pre-election message.

    Oh how complicated.

    And actually, now there’s talk of changed in Iraq by the US army itself.

  3. lightcontrast Says:

    I heard Democrats had a plan to get troops out by 2007. Pelosi believes that if we’re out of there, the “troublemakers” will stop. She didn’t go into detail, but that’s what she said in an ABC interview last week. I’d like to see if they can enforce that.

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