Military Talk of Iraq Exit

November 10, 2006

After increased indication from the US executive that change is likely to come in the White House’s Iraq policy, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has said that Generals in the US military are looking at necessary changes to make. The announcement by General Peter Pace, the top US general, comes ahead of the upcoming report by the Iraq Study Group.

With the UK having already talked about a period of one year for an exit, the US simply will not be able to sustain its mission at its current level. Other allies, like Slovakia, are set to leave Iraq within the next months. A change of policy is required and increased military presence is simply not an option: the US cannot afford more military deaths and the forces have been stretched much too thin. With new threats from North Korea and Iran, the US will need troops available to mobilize to the troubled regions, if the US is to continue pursuing its current foreign policy approach. That means an Iraq exit. One scenario is a redeployment of US troops to the Kurdish part of Iraq, at the border with Iran. This would make sense, because the Kurds would likely be accommodating to the US troops and this would be a clear signal for Iran (if the US desires to pressure Iran).

With the Iraq Study Group delivering their report to President Bush, next week will be key in US strategy in Iraq.


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