“Political Imbeciles” in Japan — North Korea

November 4, 2006

North Korea has asked that Japan not participate in the nuclear negotiations, because officials are “imbeciles” for not accepting North Korea as a nuclear power. North Korea sees Japan as “no more than a state of the U.S. and it is enough for Tokyo just to be informed of the results of the talks by Washington.”

North Korea is yet again making the headlines by finding the least offensive way to be offensive. Targeting the US directly would not be in its best interest, but taking a stab at an ally of the US — and North Korea’s regional competitor — will keep North Korea in the news, without the repercussions. It is also something designed for a domestic audience; because the Koreans have agreed to go back to negotiations, they don’t want to look too weak domestically and making big statements is one way to do it. It is also something of great significance historically, because of Japan’s incursion into Korea and its hyper-industrialization which was achieved with a lot of Korean manpower.

Koreans in Japan today are still a separate part of society and there’s still issues of citizenship which have been unresolved.

Thus saying that Japan has a “wicked intention” vis-à-vis North Korea, is one way to get the domestic support that the Korean may need.


One Response to ““Political Imbeciles” in Japan — North Korea”

  1. Ken Says:

    Well…DPRK can say what they want, but they don’t have much of a say in having Japanese diplomats not be included in negotiations.

    They kind of have a point though.

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