F.A.C.E. School: Photos from the CSDM Meeting

November 2, 2006

Teachers, students, parents waiting for an announcement from the CSDM
Waiting for an announcement

Moments before the announcement
Moments before the announcement

Parents and students leave the auditorium
Parents and students leaving the auditorium.

Leaving the auditorium
Leaving the auditorium

Phillip Baugniet gathers students outside, moments after leaving the auditorium of Georges-Vanier High School
Phillip Baugniet gathers students outside — moments after the resignation is announced.

Photos by Alexandre Marine.


7 Responses to “F.A.C.E. School: Photos from the CSDM Meeting”

  1. Alex Mclean Says:


    I don’t know if you are still interested in this affair but have you learned that the csdm obliged will paul to close the http://www.ecolefaceschool.com. They wrote him a letter (that you can probably stiil find on the site) threathening him that they would use the lawyers of the CSDM to close down the site. This is horrible. Will Paul is probably very scared thats why he maybe closed the site (and i understand him) but these people of the CSDM aren’t suppost to go above the rights of the person. NO one is aloud to oblige someone to stop giving his opinion. Anyways there using the same ways the used to get mr. primiano fired to solve every single of these little problems they have with us. No one at school is doing much now because no one knows what to do. But this school is changing… and that is for sure. I don’t know if you have any opinion on what we should do next, but us, the students, are really getting out of ideas now.


  2. Hey Alex,

    Thanks for writing. I heard about William Paul’s site closing and want to talk to him about it, actually.

    Would you be willing to talk to me about the changes at the school? I might be doing some follow-up stuff on FACE and it would be great to talk to you and your fellow students.


  3. Alex Mclean Says:

    Hey Dmitri,

    Yes I would be very glad to try to explain what are the changes they are slowly intergrating into the school. I think everyone has to start thinking of the future we want for FACE and not just blow this whole thing away and let the administration do what they think is good. I know the SOS face is starting to create something, and the students want to continue the organised rallys in the schoolyard. Just to show evryone, including the CSDM, that this isn’t over.

    anyways talk to you soon


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  6. Dave Peak Says:

    ……..i dont know the reason for nick primiano being forced to resign…….but i was a student at face school when it first opened and i was sexually molested by philip baugniet…..it was known that he had been charged with this kind of behaviour and he had been engaging in it for years………..nothing was ever done…….although he had a case moved to outside montreal and it quietly disappeared……i cant help wonder if the nick primiano situation is at all related……….but i can tell u this philip baugniet should be exposed, discredited, disgraced and should be charged……that much i can tell u for sure……..thank you.

    • Paul G Says:

      I agree Philip Baugniet should be exposed. He knows full well what he did to young boys. He is sick and should be behind bars. In his tenure as the Principal of Maisonneuve School before his FACE involvement he engaged in abusing young boys at his school. We were all too frightened to say anything at the time.

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