North Korea Ready to Talk

November 1, 2006

In a not-so-surprising announcement, North Korea has made itself available to resume the 6-way negotiations on its nuclear program, which initiated a few years ago.

This outcome is the culmination of several weeks of diplomatic effort on the part of the US, China, South Korea as well as Russia. The announcement came after several hours of talks and is not being perceived by the international community as a solution, but only as a first step. Japan, for one, is continuing its diplomatic pressure on the country and currently has no plans to drop the UN sanctions against North Korea. Likewise, Australia has said it will not stop sanctioning North Korea until it stops its nuclear weapons program.

Of note is the report that North Korea has placed conditions on its participation in the negotiations; it has apparently demanded that financial sanctions are settled.


3 Responses to “North Korea Ready to Talk”

  1. Anh Khoi Do Says:

    I really ignore if these negotiation with North Korea will give us something, but the international community must tell to North Korea that the resignation to its nuclear program is a key condition to be re-united with South Korea. However, the reunification with South Korea might be hard, because the South can hardly absorb the weak economy of North Korea.

  2. […] American and Russian diplomats met in Beijing today to discuss the North Korea nuclear disarmament talks. After North Korea’s renewed commitment to the 6-party negotiations, the five states involved (minus N Korea) are now meeting in preparation to set the frame that the negotiations will take. […]

  3. […] In the run up to the resumption of nuclear talks, North Korea has repeatedly called for the lifting of US financial sanctions. When these sanctions were originally imposed in 2005, North Korea walked away from the negotiating table. After the October 9 nuclear test, and several weeks of diplomatic signaling, North Korea said it was ready to return to talks. […]

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