Dick Cheney: Iraq Violence Linked to Elections

October 31, 2006

US Vice President Dick Cheney has come to the conclusion that the recent up-swing in violence in Iraq is an attempt by militants to influence the upcoming US elections.

By doing so, the Vice President has not only confirmed that the violence has been hurting the Republican Party’s prospects in the November elections, but has also revealed how desperate the party is to get votes.

Cheney believes that insurgents are using the Internet to monitor public opinion in the US and that they are “very sophisticated users of it.”


3 Responses to “Dick Cheney: Iraq Violence Linked to Elections”

  1. lightcontrast Says:

    Haha…I certainly won’t be crying if Republicans lose many Congressional seats. One question for them: Are you happy now?

  2. unitedcats Says:

    Why in the name of God would the insurgents waste time monitoring US popular opinion? This is a wonderful example of just how wildly narcissistic Bushcos world view is, they actually think the world revolves around them. This sort of fantasy thinking is why both wars are going so badly.


  3. lightcontrast Says:

    That’s a good question. I don’t think they care about the elections. I do know one thing…they’ll be happy when Bush leaves office. Sometimes I think 2 terms is too long.

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