Montreal: F.A.C.E. School Students Rally for Principal

October 27, 2006

Today, from 7:45 am to 8:30am, F.A.C.E. school students rallied for the return of their principal in their schoolyard. Students chanted “Face! Primiano!” and “On veut Primiano! Sans lui, c’est la panique” (“We want Primiano! Without him, it’s panic!”) accompanied by fellow percussion students.

About 50 students gathered in support of their suspended principal and managed to get significant support from drivers, who honked in support of the students. F.A.C.E. school teachers also seemed to welcome the students’ initiative in voicing their opinion.

One student had a poster demanding “answers,” alluding to the meeting that took place at CSDM headquarters this Wednesday.

So far, the CSDM has not replied to this blog’s questions.


3 Responses to “Montreal: F.A.C.E. School Students Rally for Principal”

  1. Gillian Says:

    Hey there!
    I was part of the students who wanted Primiano back. Everyone was surprised and wanted him back. We all worried for the reasons he leaved (forced?).

  2. Kezia Says:

    I was actually in the same class as Gillian and remember this event like it was yesterday.Actually I was at F.A.C.E through pr-k all the way to grade 6.Shortly after Primiano left I was forced to leave the school due to my supposed lack of independence.But every now and then I see Primiano at my local supermarket and say a friendly hello.

    • Jean-Yves D. Says:

      It’s funny Kezia I didn’t see you as lacking independence. This brings back interesting memories, to say the least. Keep in touch, jymtlparis at gmail dot com. 😉

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