Iran Nuclear Advances, In Time of US Elections

October 27, 2006

In another defeat to US foreign policy, Iran today suggested that they had started enriching more uranium by activating new centrifuges. This announcement goes on to confirm the reports of IAEA chief ElBaradei from earlier this week.

President Bush reacted by speaking out against the action by invoking the international community to increase efforts in stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. In a pre-election statement, the President is once again suggesting that Iran is after nuclear weapons, and not nuclear energy as Iran has been claiming. The latter claim, in fact, has not been explicitly contested by ElBaradei. However, US foreign policy (along with other Western nations) has been directed at making Iran look like a nuclear offender.

The Republicans are also looking for ways to bolster support for the upcoming November elections. In terms of foreign policy, Iraq has been a failure. So bringing in Iran as a violator may make foreign policy look more successful as it seemingly confirms all that the US has been saying. However, there is no proof that Iran is in fact working on a nuclear weapon right now.


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