UK Timetable for Iraq

October 25, 2006

More confirmation today that the UK is planning an Iraq exit within a year, something that became evident last week. A US official has mentioned “a year, give or take a few months” as the British timetable.

Meanwhile, US General George Casey has said that Iraqi forces could be ready to provide security for the country within 12-18 months, indicating that the US would follow the British in leaving Iraq.

This goes to confirm all the diplomatic signals from last week that were recorded on this blog.


5 Responses to “UK Timetable for Iraq”

  1. Wait. The government announces two weeks before an election in which the ruling party is about to be trounced that their unpopular war will be over in 12-18 months? That timing is just a little too convenient for me. Especially from this bunch of dissemblers.

  2. Quran Bible Says:

    I am just wondering why this cannot be called “cut and run” defeat of US. The Bush regime play with the minds of its very simple Church going folks who really are ignoranant all they know that by electing someone who talk about God and Jesus is good.

    The Bush regime trying to rally their base in midterm election even if they have to set a timetable of withdrawal.

    BTW I am for complete withdrawal of US troops from Iraq as this is the only solution to solve the problem of violence and killings.

  3. Yes, all the latest anouncements have to do with the elections. And, as Qur’an Bible said, the US Administration will not concede any failure. The PR machine has been rolling and making sure that the US is seen as defiant and positive. For example, there’s an interview with Dick Cheney in this week’s Time; he calls the mission “visionary.”

  4. lightcontrast Says:

    Bush said Iraqi PM agreed with him on a timetable. Next day, al Malicki denies it…great diplomacy. There’s no way that the US can stabilize the government in 12-18 months seeing how things are now.

  5. Carl Says:

    Iraq near civil war – Is it avoidable?
    I have been hearing a lot on the news about Iraq nearing a civil war, and that it's only a few days away. Do you think there is still time to stop the inevitable? Or is it too late already?

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