More Signs of UK Exit from Iraq. US next?

October 22, 2006

Tony Blair is meeting with Iraqi officials and is set to press them on demonstrating that Iraqi security forces can take over the British-controlled areas. The British PM is, after all, seeking an exit from Iraq.

The UK’s involvement in the Iraqi endeavor has gone hand in hand with the US’ War on Terror. Without a doubt, the British would have never gone into Iraq without the participation and encouragement of their American allies. Could the UK’s plans to withdraw from Iraq within a year mean that the US will be doing the same? We will not know until the midterm elections pass, but the US has been sending enough diplomatic signals to suggest that this might be the case. This weekend we heard that President Bush is apparently ready for a change of strategy. Today, a huge error was committed by a US official who made comments about the US handling of Iraq and later retrieved the statement. The questionable comments suggested that the US handling of Iraq was full of “arrogance and stupidity.”

When those kind of comments get out, you know something is in the air.

And times are changing.


5 Responses to “More Signs of UK Exit from Iraq. US next?”

  1. unitedcats Says:

    I dunno, this could all be a ploy to take the wind out of the Democrat’s sails as the election nears. It’s a good sign but I’m not going to get too excited until after the election, we’ll see what happens then. An attack on Iran and escalation of the war is still not out of the question.


  2. Doug,

    I totally agree. It’s a good sign, but a negative at the same time. Because Iran as a target has been circulating since last winter. With forces overstretched — and with Afghanistan not looking to get much more troop support — Iran could definately be next.

    And, it’s ironic to say this, with things looking the way they do in Iraq, but Iran is no Iraq. In terms of strategy, it would be hard. Especially because they have a lot of underground sites..

    But we’ll see. Nice to hope for the best. But we’ll see. It just seems that ther will be a change after the midterms, which are not looking great for the Republican party by any means.


  3. lightcontrast Says:


    I don’t think this “ploy” will take away from the Democrats. In a poll I heard about on abnews, about half thought Democrats will do better with Iraq, about 40% think Republicans do better with Iraq.


  4. […] Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation today is indication that the Bush Administration will indeed go ahead with a new approach in its Iraqi policy, possibly an exit strategy. This, of course, is what made the headlines a few weeks ago, with statements later retrieved in a last-ditch effort to salvage the elections. […]

  5. […] With the biggest proponent of the war — Donald Rumsfeld — on his way out of the US political arena, the Democrats may be able to impose their position. This is helped by the fact that many Republicans have already criticised the war; even President Bush has already hinted at a new US strategy. […]

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