Kim Jong-Il: No More Tests

October 20, 2006

It’s now more and more evident (and no longer speculation), that the October 9th nuclear test was a way to begin talks and get a leg up for the upcoming talks.

South Korean media have reported that Kim Jong-Il has made clear to Chinese envoy Tang Jiaxuan that no more tests will be carried out.

Interesting to see if the reported “activity” at a suspected N Korean site will continue. (Or if those reports were fabricated?)

Also interesting to see if any announcements will be made after Condoleezza Rice meets with Russian officials.


3 Responses to “Kim Jong-Il: No More Tests”

  1. Brent Says:

    Great, what a wonderful idea! Let’s take up Kim the dog eater, for his word. After all, he has never lied or backed out of an agreement before, right?

  2. Brent: All it is, is a signal that Korea wants to negotiate. Also, we don’t know exactly what Kim is saying, all this is quotes based on quotes.

    Don’t forget about the US backing out of its agreements before..which is why Korea backed out of theirs. But this, is not the issue at hand.

    The issue now is whether negotiations will take place or will another test take place. It’ll be one or the other. And we’ll know this coming week.

  3. lightcontrast Says:

    Koreans don’t eat dog, *rolls her eyes*.

    If Koreans want to negotiate, then this is good. The US should drop economic sanctions to meet NK halfway.

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