President Bush responds to N Korea, warning of “a grave consequence”

October 19, 2006

In an interview with ABC News, American President Bush has warned North Korea against transferring its nuclear technology information to other international actors. The US is apparently concerned that North Korea may pass nuclear information on to Iran or Al-Qaeda.

Clearly, the US administration is truly at a loss, in terms of dealing with this crisis. Suggesting that Pyongyang will share its nuclear information with Al-Qaeda is simply ridiculous. The successful test has given North Korea leverage it has never had and sharing it with other actors is simply idiotic. It’s quite possible that Mr Bush is just using this rather unlikely scenario (transferring nuclear information to Al-Qaeda) as a means of continuing to employ his direct rhetoric; this way, he’s still ‘standing up’ to ‘crazy Kim’ and not bowing down. After all, this is what made the American president so popular, the famous “with us or without us” formula. (Which is counter-intuitive in terms of having any diplomatic relations.)

The fact that the US is at a loss is evident in the aforementioned ABC interview with President Bush; Mr Bush could not present any specific measures that would be taken if North Korea shared its valuable information. The President simply replied: “You know, I’d just say it’s a grave consequence.”


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