N Korea Negociations Sought

October 19, 2006

As expected, the negotiations process has begun in North Korea. On her swiftly organized Asian tour, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said the US is open to negotiations. At the same time, Chinese envoy Tang Jiaxuan met Kim Jong Il to discuss the Chinese position.

Caught by surprise, the US has few other options but to negotiate with its ideological opponent. China, a long time ally of North Korea, has been careful in its rhetoric saying that “Sanctions are a signal, not a goal.”

The Chinese, though, have reason to be alarmed: their regional nuclear dominance is directly threatened by North Korea’s potential nuclear arsenal. N Korea is also engaged in old-school politics, which the modernized China has long left behind. If N Korea is too assert any influence in world politics, it must start talking and stop its self-isolation. The nuclear test was an initial political victory, but one that needs to be capitalized on properly. This is probably the message carried by the Chinese to their N Korean neighbor.

If N Korea acts with prudence, we can expect the kind of deal that Clinton had negotiated during his stay in power. A deal that will halt N Korean nuclear development, in return for American technology and aid.


8 Responses to “N Korea Negociations Sought”

  1. emoe Says:

    очень приятно познакомиться. я тут как раз в процессе перетаскиванияи барахла с LJ. 🙂

  2. lightcontrast Says:

    I doubt Rice is accomplishing much. She can’t force China to comply completely nor can she make SK join the PSI.

    I’m not sure if NK will act with “prudence.” I wouldn’t blame them.

    BTW, do you know what emoe wrote? What language is that?

  3. At least Rice hasn’t said anything silly. She sometimes does. Her trip seems to be going alright, not amazing, because she hasn’t changed South Korea’s position, as you mention, but she’s also still talking diplomacy. I think all she really got out of her trip was Japan not getting Nuclear arms, but who would think otherwise?

    North Korea, we’ll see how they act.

    Re: EMOE. Emoe wrote a hello…and said he’s transferring stuff rom LJ onto this. It’s in Russian.


  4. lightcontrast Says:

    I heard on the radio this morning that NK will probably resume talks and they may back down, if the US drops economic sanctions. But yes, we’ll have to wait and see.

    Thanks for the translation. I have an account on LJ, not sure I’ll transfer stuff from there. Are you Russian?


  5. Hey Light,

    Ya, sometimes nice to keep those things on separate accounts.

    And yes, I am Russian. But I’ve been living in North America since I was 8.

  6. lightcontrast Says:


    I just have a link to my old account on my blogroll. If you want to check it out, it’s Azure Skye.


  7. Hey Light,
    Have been slowly reading up on your LJ. Fun stuff..and oh, I can feel your recent pain, of having to write those 3 papers. Oh my.

  8. lightcontrast Says:


    Thanks. I got a little sick when I got stressed out but a week later, I was fine. The 666 one is one of my favorites.

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