Canada’s Conservatives once again in line with US policy

October 19, 2006

The Tory government today anounced its plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

As the CBC’s report states: “The bill…calls for the reduction of car emissions by 2011 to align Canada with regulations of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.” The next four years are meant for the government to consult with industry on ways of adopting this policy.

The Conservatives have once again turned their backs on the Kyoto protocol — a policy, that despite the government’s efforts, was favoured by the House of Commons this fall when MPs voted in favour of Bill C-288 (the bill to ensure that Canada is in line with the Kyoto protocol’s gas emission levels) getting a second reading. Instead of listening to Members of Parliament, the Conservatives have simply marched on with their own environmental policy, which is several steps behind Kyoto.

The most interesting aspect of today’s proposed bill is that all its goals are outside of the government’s term in office, the first being set for 2011. The latest that the next federal election can take place in Canada is 2010. Are the Tories acting with prudence? Or are they just realizing that they might not be able to deliver on their promise in time for the next election?

It’s not even clear how long the current minority government can last. The mistakes have been far and wide, the latest being yesterday’s ouster of Conservative MP Garth Turner, who will now sit as an independent in Parliament.

For more, see this article in the National Post on the opposition’s stance on the Kyoto protocol.


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